25 August 2010

What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

Borrowing the words from Christina Aguilera, what a girl wants and what a girl needs are not usually in the same category.  At least that has been the case in my own life.  Today is Wednesday, which means I will be showing you the Etsy.com shops that you girls will WANT to visit.  My theme this week is jewelry.  I have been busy, busy searching Etsy.com to bring you the latest and greatest for my Wednesday post.  It has been a fun treasure hunt.  This week was hard for different reasons than last week.  Last week I had a hard time finding things to show you, this week I have had a hard time narrowing it down.  Just when I thought I have found the best shops to show you, I would find one even better.  The shops that I narrowed it down to had to meet my criteria.  My criteria: it had to be unique, show artisan skill, and would be something that I would wear.  One of the fabulous things about Etsy is the unique items you can find for yourself or someone else.  Because I have found so many wonderful treasures, I did something different this week.  Instead of featuring six jewelry shops, I narrowed it down to six jewelry shops in the category of necklaces. I will feature different jewelry shops for the next three weeks, featuring Bracelets and Cuffs, Rings and Earrings, and the third week will feature the shop that I have given the title, “Best Overall.”  With the statement pieces below, you’re sure to get noticed.

Melanie-Joy Creations describes their jewelry as using "non traditional" materials to create original works of art.  Up to 100 work hours can go into a single piece.  Click here to see more Melaniejoycreations.etsy.com.

River Gazing

Bohemian Rapture

Star of the East's shop description states that all jewelry is one of a kind or made in a limited edition.  Click here to see more staroftheeast.etsy.com.

Nefertiti's Dreams

Combination of Dissonant

Vixen Design Studio describes itself as specilizing in handmade unusual jewelry and funky vintage finds.  Click here to see more of Vixendesignstudio.etsy.com.

Turquoise Blue and Shell Necklace

Green Turquoise British Coin Necklace

Quil Jewelry states that it gets it's inspiration from love, nature and the abundance of beauty all around. Every stone is handpicked and artistically handcrafted into a one-of-a-kind imaginative piece. Click here to see more quiljewelry.etys.com.

The Duchess

Mystic River

Cindy Caraway's shop states that it has jewelry for every occasion: from casual pieces to wear everyday to one-of-a-kind gallery pieces.  Click here to see more Cindycaraway.etsy.com.

Heavenly Shades of Night
The Duchess

Vintage Existence states that it's main goal is that each piece become a talking point and keepsake in their own right.  Click here to see more Vintageexistence.etsy.com.


Blue Romance

Now that I have shown you what a girl WANTS. I wanted to talk about what a girl NEEDS. If you are anything like me, when you think about all of your needs, the list can get pretty long. Since I have been searching through the jewels to share with you I am reminded that God created jewels for His glory and our benefit. We get to enjoy His perfect artisan skill. You are surrounded daily by His handiwork. He has given us so many benefits in His creation. But it still isn’t enough to fulfill our needs. The good news is that the greatest gift He has given us is his Son, Jesus. A personal relationship with Jesus is all a girl truly NEEDS. Go and enjoy the benefit of being the BEST part of His creation and living under His grace.

Living Graciously,