10 August 2010

Does This Paint Make My Butt Look Fat?

I have been a painting machine lately.  I am trying to get products painted for my shop, garlandandgrace.etsy.com.  I know my husband is tired of hearing me repeat myself, but what I have to say is true.  You cannot have good paint and bad paintbrushes and get good results, nor can you have bad paint and good paintbrushes and get good results.  You have to have both good paint and good paint brushes.  I am reminded of this everytime I sit down to paint.  Perhaps that is why I keep repeating myself.  I have been painting with Sherwin Williams paint.  I have to tell you, I am not a big fan.  A lot of people rave about Sherwin Williams.  I know they are a respected paint company, but no one asked me.  Last night I used Benjamin Moore's "Aura" brand in Million Dollar Red.  It went on like butter.  This paint doesn't even come close to Sherwin Williams.  I wanted to run out and replace all of my Sherwin Williams paint with Benjamin Moore.  I probably would have if there was a store location close to me, and I wasn't covered in red paint.  I only had to put one coat of paint on my boards.  ONE coat of RED paint. That is practically unheard of for red paint.  What a time saver.  I didn't even have to prime first.  Friends, it is so worth the investment. If you have a paint project coming up and you have a choice between Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, go with Benjamin Moore.  The "other" paint might just make your butt look fat.  Bless their hearts.