03 November 2011

Using Your Gifts

The body of Christ is richly blessed financially as well as its gifts and talents.  Over the years we have been blessed to be the recipients of some of those gifts.  Since we are now support raising, we have the blessing of being the recipients of God's generous gifts to others.  This past summer, our friend Melonie Grover shared her creative gift as a photographer with us.  She generously shared her time and talents taking our family pictures to use for our prayer cards and newsletters.  She is just starting her own business Imago Photography and has launched her new website http://www.imagophotography.net/.  She wrote a blog post about our family and included some of the pictures.  Click here to read her blog http://myimagophotography.blogspot.com/2011/07/m-family-adventure_26.html.  If you live in the Orlando area and need a great photographer give Melonie a call.  You won't be disappointed. She is fun and creative.  I encourage you to share your gifts and talents with others, it will be a joy to you and a blessing to others.
How are you using your time and gifts that God has given you to bless others?
Living graciously,