14 October 2010

Top Ten Costumes for Adults and Children

I don't celebrate Halloween, but I love costumes.  I admit, I do get a kick out of a good costume party.  There is excitement in planning and putting together the perfect costume.  I enjoy watching my children use their imagination with their different costume changes.  Costumes give us a delightful break from being ourselves.  Since this is the season to be incognito, I have chosen ten costumes I found on Etsy.com.  Any of these are sure to amuse.

Sherlock Holmes

Custom Renaissance Gown

Custom Princess Costumes

Roman Inspired Helmet

The Queen of Hearts - Alice in Wonderland

Mad Hatter Costume

Lord of the Rings Return of King Aronon
Movie Costume Replica
Real Pirates Wear Pink

Frog Prince

Marie Antoinette

Putting amusement aside.  The reality is, we use costumes for our entertainment and masks for our everyday lives.  John Piper states, "There are two reasons why we put on masks: one is that we have not come to be satisfied in the mercy of God and so we fear what man will think of us. Our inner life is not sustained by the precious all-satisfying mercy of God and so we have to prop ourselves up with the approval of others and that means wearing a mask that they will approve."  Really?  That sounds exhausting.  Let's seek the all-satisfying mercy of God so we can be fully alive in who we are.  Can you imagine the feeling of being replenished?  That's what God does for us.  He revives our soul.  Johann von Gothe said it best, "If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise."  Save the mask for your costume.

Living Graciously,

07 October 2010

Family Rules


My parents are visiting for two weeks.  Yep, two weeks.  They have big plans ahead.  Their time began with a trip to Disney World with my daughter.  In between they plan on playing the role of proud grandparents at my son's football games.  And they'll finish off their time celebrating my son's eleventh birthday.  They have already been here a week and will be here for another few days.  My kids are sleep deprived, full of wonderful food, and their emotional tank is overflowing.  Too bad my parents don't live closer.  Ogden Nash couldn't have said it better, "When grandparents enter the door, discipline flies out the window."  That certainly is the case in our humble abode.  They have already been here one week and my children are starting to question my authority over them.  My son thinks that because my parents are here, his duties around the house are no longer his responsibility.  My daughter gets brave and becomes miss sassy pants.  They think they should be served breakfast in bed, on a silver platter.  I plan on relaxing a bit while they are here and going on dates with my husband.  I will continue with my Etsy.com  posts next week.  This week, I'm enjoying the benefits of having my parents here.  Have a wonderful, fall weekend and enjoy your family.

Family Rules sign can be found by visiting www.signsofvintage.etsy.com

Living Graciously,