11 August 2010

Gathering With Gratitude on Etsy.com

School is about to begin. For some of your children it already has. Which means fall is right around the corner. Except in Florida, where I live. Fall never arrives. Being from the south and having lived in Pennsylvania and Michigan, I have very fond memories of the fall season. In Michigan the colors of the leaves were intense. It was a blessing to be able to experience God’s handiwork there. Because fall doesn’t arrive in Florida, I have to make sure my home is surrounded by autumn décor. Every Wednesday I will be featuring six Etsy.com shops that are worth mentioning. This week’s etsy.com theme, if you haven’t already guessed, is the harvest season. I have searched etsy.com for fabulous things for fall. I have taken pictures to give you a sample of what each shop has to offer.

Please visit this shop. They offer the coolest things. They have pumpkin designs that I have never seen before. The shop describes their décor as “primitive”.

Aren't these the coolest pumpkins?

Their garden section is worth mentioning. Go see what I am talking about.

Cement Leaf Tiles to Hang on the Wall
Cement Acorns for Your Garden

*The shop has a section with items two dollars or less.
I don’t scrapbook. I do appreciate the time it takes to create one. I personally am not creative in that kind of way. This shop is great for people like me, that don’t know where to even begin to start when doing a scrapbook page, but want pictures organized in a beautiful way. It is also for people that can scrapbook but don’t have the time. She has an autumn scrapbook page already created for you.
Autumn Scrapbook Page

Brown Scroll Placecards

Bella Claire Baby
*Many choices of clothing for boys an girls.
This shop's diaper covers/bloomers are beyond fabulous for babies.  It almost makes me wish that I had a baby, so I could dress her up in the cutest things ever!  I said, "Almost."  Take a look.
Doesn't this make you smile?  I love it!

How cute is this?

My Little Obsession
*If you love for your table to look fabulous, this shop will help give you a head start. They sell table runners. I just picked out the ones that I thought represent fall. She has many more beautiful ones for every time of the year. Take the time to see what the obsession is all about.
Damask Table Runner
Autumn Table Runner

Macy’s Blings and Bows
If you are a girly-girl or you have a girly-girl, this shop is for you.
*This shop features custom made girly-girl accessories, keychains, bookmarks and more.  Their little girl things are absoulutely adorable.  She has a lot of initial necklaces for ladies and little girls.  Their things are so cute!

Glass Tile Pendant
A Festive Necklace

I don't know who took the picture below to be able to give them credit.  It is too beautiful not to share. Happy shopping and Happy Fall Y'all!

I am thankful that I know the God that paints like this.

Living Graciously,