13 August 2010

Jewels and You, Crowned By Grace

Just in case you haven't been following my blog, every Wednesday, I will be featuring six Etsy.com shops.  I will try and have a theme each week.  Because there are so many wonderful shops to choose from, a theme helps me focus.  Next week my theme will be Art in the collage/mixed media category.  I have just tapped into trying this style of painting/collage.  I have to say, I LOVE it.  It is so fun.  I love the entire process.  I am excited to find some examples of the creative minds that are out there.  The following week, I will feature the best and most unique jewelry I have found on Etsy.  Believe me, it is hard to narrow it down to six shops a week.  I had not planned on blogging today, but when I came across this Etsy shop, I knew I had to give y'all a sneak peak of what's ahead.  As I was searching through a maze of jewels, beads, silver and gold, I came across a shop I knew I had to share.    The shop's name is "Crowned By Grace".  The name caught my eye, and I knew I had to see what this shop has to offer.  This is how the shop describes what they offer, "I offer you a collage of bits and pieces of this and that, composed from a long time collection of salvaged discards, old and lovely treasures found here and there. I love doing a lot with a little, transforming abandoned, unwanted things into unique designs and using old things in new ways. Each recreated piece tells the story of God's grace, redemption and rebirth. Hope is never lost. All things, even hearts and lives, can be restored into something beautiful."  What I love is that each piece tells the story of God's grace on our lives.  It was a reminder to me of God's love for us.  We all need to be reminded of His love.  Crowned By Grace gives you that reminder with their wonderfully crafted jewelry collection.  I have posted a few pictures to give you a sample of what this shop has to offer. 

A ring by Crowned By Grace
Earrings by Crowned By Grace
A bracelet by Crowned By Grace
A necklace by Crowned By Grace

You can visit their shop by clicking here crownedbygrace.etsy.com.

The verse on their shop's site, I will repeat as a reminder of what God has done for us.

Psalm 103:4
He redeems our lives from destruction, 
and we are crowned with loving kindness and tender mercies.

Go and bask in His love this weekend.  May His face shine upon you.

Living graciously,