18 August 2010

Life As A Collage: Sometimes It Makes Sense, Sometimes It Don't

Yay!  Today is Wednesday.  It’s the day I get to share with you six Etsy.com shops that I have chosen.  Today’s theme is Collage Art.  A collage is a technique where materials of different sizes and weights are glued to a backing surface.  Usually when I choose a theme for the week, I have more shops and pictures than I can share.  This week was BY FAR, the hardest week.  Not because I had so many to share.  The art in the category of collage art or mixed media was, for lack of a better word, weird.  The reaction to art is such a personal thing.  It always amazes me what people paint and the art that people like.  You might be surprised at what I like by the end of this post.  I tried to go easy on you and not pick the outrageous ones.  I chose this theme because I have tried this style of painting, and I LOVE it.  When I paint, time flies faster than a cheetah passing a turtle.  Nothing else matters.  Is there something that you enjoy doing that you continue to do, hour after hour, sometimes forgetting to eat or drink?  What is it?  I already told you, for me it is painting.  I can paint for hours, literally, and not remember that I haven’t had anything to eat or drink.  If you have ever wanted to try painting, but were afraid of what it would look like, collage painting is a good place to start.  It doesn’t have to look like anything or be perfect.  I enjoy looking at things in a new way, things that I can add to a collage.  Scraps of things around the house or broken jewelry.  Life is a lot like a collage, mixed up and broken.  Sometimes you look at it and it makes sense, sometimes you think it makes sense, but you aren’t sure, and sometimes you have no clue.  Such is life.  In these paintings, I am sure you will have some sort of reaction.  When you look at the paintings below, think about what you like or don’t like about each one.  What draws you to the paintings?  What makes you want to hurry and scroll to the next painting?  Leave a comment, and let me know what you think.  I’d love to know your thoughts.

Niavos is an original painting on canvas created using mixed media, acrylic paint and acrylic medium.

A Little Bird Told Me
A Little Bird Told Me was created using paint, old pages from a book , paper, stamps, pen and ink.

To Love is to Live

To Love is to Live was created using original photos that have been "altered", stamped images, seed beeds, 99 year old French poetry on paper, ink, acrylic paint, glazing medium, gauze, and nail polish on a primed canvas panel.

Pretty in Pink
This one is mine, so be nice.  Pretty in Pink was created using acrylic paint, paper clippings, tissue paper, acrylic mediums, glazing mediums, a jewel bead, and stamped images on canvas.

Living is an original mixed media collage and was created by using recycled paper, acetate, old documents, found objects, water color paper, matte finished sealant.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower is an original art that was created using acrylic paint, paper and ink.

Sometimes living life as a collage means we don't always have to know the answers about ourselves.  It frees us up to live the questions.  Go be free to live life fully and creatively.

Living Graciously,