28 July 2010

Are You Gifted With Style?

Are you gifted with style?  One of the reasons I started this blog is to be able to share with you things that have inspired me in the wide world of creativity.  Not just good design, a good DIY project, what's in/out in the world of fashion, or good food, but all of those things.  I know people in my life or come across people on the web that I am impressed with mainly because they have what I don't, and they inspire me and challenge me to be more creative.  Any one that knows me knows that I love a good challenge.  In my quest for creative inspiration, I came across a website/blog that is absolutely fabulous.  There isn't anything on there that I can say, "I don't like."  The name of it is Design Dazzle, and I have created a link on the right side of my page so you can go and see for yourself how wonderful and inspirational it is.  The host's name is Toni, and she definitely is "gifted with style."  The blog and website are not all of her ideas; she also showcases the talents of parents, moms, designers, decorators and those who have a natural talent for design.  Toni says that the reason Design Dazzle was created was "to bring attention to fabulous room design, decor, awsome kid's parties and creativity for babies, kids, and teens."  On Design Dazzle's website, they feature a "Room of the Month," an "Artist of the Month," and a "Designer of the Month."  There are so many ideas on there, you might want to pace yourself over a few days to soak in all of the good stuff.  My mind started rolling, and I began to dream and create.  On the right side of my page above Design Dazzle's link you will notice that I have a spot for those "gifted with style."  I will only list the ones that I feel stand out in the world of creative style.  That's what I love.  Go and be inspired to create and share your gift of style.

Living graciously,