10 September 2010

When Is It Okay To Give The Finger?

Have y’all been wondering if it is ever okay to give someone the finger?  I have the answer.  But first, I want to talk about something else.  This is my third week featuring Etsy.com jewelry.  What I have learned about my likes relating to jewelry is that I like jewelry created by middle easterner's, exotic animal skin jewelry, cowgirl jewelry (could be another feature), and ethnic jewelry.  I have also learned that lampwork bead jewelry is amazing.  I will have to do a feature sometime just on lampwork beads.  They are a work of art.  I have also learned that just because a jewelry maker can make a stunning necklace, doesn’t mean they can make equally stunning rings, earrings, or bracelets, and vice versa.  After writing the posts on necklaces and bracelets, I would come across other equally amazing jewelry.  When I sat down to create this post, I wanted to make sure I had exhausted many of the layers of Etsy.  I say “layers” because it all depends on the “tags” used by the shops when they list their items.  The last two Etsy.com features, I showed you some amazing statement pieces in the category of necklaces and bracelets.  This week I attempted to feature the same level of, “Wow, that is a cool piece of jewelry.” There were MANY single pieces of amazing jewelry.  That was the problem.  Most of the shops that I would come across had only one “cool” piece of jewelry in the ring/earring category.  The challenge that I faced, was finding a shop that carried multiple pieces of cool jewelry in that category.  That brings me back to the question of “When is it okay to give the finger?”  My answer is, when you are wearing any of the following pieces from the first three shops. 

Rizzkstudios is a mother and daughter team that customizes in one of a kind pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.  They also sell handbags and belts.  Their prices are very reasonable.  The following pieces are under $25.00.
Chunky Black 4ct. CZ Ring

/Turquoise Chip Cross Ring
(An example of "Cowgirl" jewelry)

Gaye Doser's Etsy profile tells us she is a Turk visual artist (beadwork and mixed media arts), glass bead designer/maker and educator.  She was born in İstanbul.  She studied about the natural stones, shapes of crystals, symmetry in crystals, etc.in Yıldız Teknik University, Chemistry, Minerology science.  The following pieces are examples of lampwork handmade jewelry.  Click here to see more http://www.gayedoser.etsy.com/.

Magic Dots Brown and Silver
Lampwork Handmade Jewelry

Grean Leaf Silver Ring
Lampwork Handmade Jewelry
 Sonomagem's Etsy Profile describes Cheryl and Roger Dandridge as specialists in the use of unalloyed precious metals.  They studied the arts in college, Cheryl at UCLA, Roger at San Francisco State College, and are self tought in the art of electroforming.  They live in Sonoma's wine country, where they converted a 19th Century farm house into their workshop.  Pretty cool.  I wish I had an extra farm house.  I would convert it into my studio.  I might even let my husband have a room.  Wait, maybe it's the other way around.  Wouldn't you love to visit their workshop?  To see more click here http://www.sonomagems.etsy.com/.
 Fine Silver Star Ring With Pearls and Saphires
One of a Kind Pure Silver Ring with Watermelon Tourmaline
 Karmeli’s Etsy Profile tells us that she was born in Belgium and moved to Israel some 20 years ago.  She lives in a small town in the hills of Jerusalem.  She has always loved craftwork, drawing, nature, horses and collects rocks and shells.  Click here to see more http://www.karmelidesigns.etsy.com/

Crust Windows Inside Earth
(An Example of using Lampwork Beads)

Spiral Islands
Sonam Village Arts Etsy Profile describes the shop as a full time jewelry designing and lampwork/glass company that gets their glass from Murano Island, Italy.  They tell us that Murano glass refers to glass items made on the Island of Murano.  They also state that no one can rightfully claim a glass bead they have made themselves is a Murano glass, unless they've gotten the glass itself from Murano Island.  That is what Sonam Village Arts does.  To see more beautiful creations click here.

Golden Sunset
Handmade Murano Glass Earrings
Maroon, Blue, and Yellow
Handmade Murano Glass Earrings
Edera Jewelry Etsy Profile describes itself as a collection of romantic designs that feature Ivy’s distinctive handcrafted lace.  Creating her own patterns, she meticulously crafts each piece of jewelry from scratch, forming intricate lace patterns with just a spool of thread and a tiny crochet hook.  Her designs feature rare real metal threads imported from Europe that are nearly identical to those used in the opulent embroideries of the Renaissance.  Interwoven with colorful silk threads, vintage beads, and luscious semi-precious stones, the jewelry celebrates the eternal feminine with designs that are beautiful, complex, delicate yet strong, and distinctive. 

DELOS Textile Earrings
Morgaine Chandelier Earrings
Velvet, Gold Lace, and Crystal
 Labor Day threw me off this week.  Usually, I write my post on Wednesday.  This week I was at my son's football practice, which he normally doesn't have on Wednesday.  Next Wednesday, I will have my first blog interview.  It is with a Etsy jewelry shop owner.  I have featured her pieces in one of the past three weeks.  Don't miss it.  By the way, it's never okay to give someone the finger, even if you have one of the fabulous pieces above.  It's not very lady like or kind.  I am off to get ready for a date with my wonderful husband.  We have free babysitting tonight.  Whoo Hoo!  Have an amazing weekend. 

Living Graciously,