23 September 2010

Are Names Important?

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child.  My husband and I were trying to choose a name for our son.  We went to the local bookstore, sat on the floor, and surrounded ourselves with baby name books.  I had no idea how hard this task would be.  As a little girl, I already had my children's names picked out.  I didn't realize that my future husband wouldn't share the same fondness for the names I had chosen.  “How about this name?”  We would ask each other.  The names we mentioned were never good enough for our firstborn.  I felt like we were branding our child, and it was our responsibility to make sure his branding was well received.  We promised not to tell our family or friends the name we chose.  We didn't want feedback on why the name we chose wasn't good enough.  In my husband's family, everyone has a family name.  And I do mean everyone.  This tradition has been going on as far back as his ancestors can be traced.  This never crossed my husband's mind.  Yes, we became the first in his family to break that tradition.  We still are the only family that has broken that tradition.  In fact, his father's first question after finding out the name of our son was, “You didn't want to give him a family name?”  To which my husband replied, “I gave him my last name.”  Names are important.  Have you ever met someone and after getting to know them thinking their name really doesn't fit with who they are?  We come to conclusions when we hear someone's name.  Names can sound strong, dignified, wimpy, fat, bubbly, calm, kind, stable, easygoing, stubborn, reliable, shy, foreign, religious, the list could go on.  Think of the names, William, Bertha, John, Alice, Chester, Elizabeth, Jackson, and Apple.  Did you have a mental association with any of these names?  If we like our name, we love to display it with pride.  Today, I am sharing with you some of the Etsy.com shops that customize and personalize their products.

Rumpelstreet Boutique provides custom personalized decorative signs 
and vinyl art.  Click here to see this wonderful shop http://www.rumpelstreetboutique.etsy.com/.

Family Description Sign
Available In Different Colors

Vintage Style Initial Sign

Miss Pretty Pretty loves to sew.  Her love for sewing and a creative imagination gives children the 
benefit of being able to play in one of her wonderful table playhouses.  
These can be customized and personalized.  Click here to stimulate your imagination http://www.missprettypretty.etsy.com/.

Neighborhood Bakery-Front

Neighborhood Bakery-Back

Pet Shop-Front
Pet Shop-Back

Tanner's Touch specializes in special occasion, hand painted, ceramic plates.  Click here to check out
the wonderful hand painted items this shop has to offer http://www.tannerstouch.etsy.com/.

Personalized Birthday Plate
 Her hand painted plates are customized just for you!

This of course is my shop.  These two items were customized
for friends of mine.  Garland and Grace specializes in hand painted, personalized
hair bow holders, room plaques, collegiate theme bow holders, and holiday decor. 
I would love your visit to my shop http://www.garlandandgrace.etsy.com/.

Personalized Sign-Teacher

Hand Painted Custom Bow Holder

I love the name of this shop, Dr. Felt Good.  Isn't that a great name?  The owner of Dr. Felt Good is very creative.  The things she can do with felt...birthday crowns for boys and girls, personalized party treat bags, Trick or Treat bags, personalized sport pennant, wine bags (for the adults of course), gift envelopes, Christmas items, and more.  I enjoyed visiting this shop.  It is fun, happy and colorful.  Click here to felt good http://www.drfeltgood.etsy.com/.

Personalized Treat Bags
Customize With Any Theme

Java Jane Designs specializes in alphabet photography and custom keepsakes.
To see more from Java Jane click here http://www.javajanedesigns.etsy.com/.

Even though names are important to our sense of self, thankfully they aren't the only things people can remember us for.  The legacy we leave, isn't about us or our name we leave behind.  It's about being a blessing to others.  It's not about our accomplishments, it's about others.  In the end if your life didn't matter, and no one remembers your name, maybe it's because you didn't invest your life in others.  We are more than our name.  Let's act like it.  Blessed be your name.

Living Graciously,