06 November 2010

Ten Eco Friendly Gift Ideas

It’s not even Thanksgiving, and I am already getting anxious for Christmas.  I don’t have to go far to be reminded that Christmas is right around the corner.  The shopping centers already have their Christmas decorations hanging, holiday decorations for sale, and gifts displayed in such a way that makes me feel pressured to buy something.  To get away from the pressures of everyday life, I had the privilege this week of going on a mini getaway with my sister.  We went to Ft. Myers, partly for a girl’s getaway and partly to deliver some items I am selling at a new shop, Green-n-Groovy.  The uniqueness of this shop gave me an idea for this week’s theme, “eco friendly gifts.”  There are many specialty gift stores in the Ft.Myers area, but this one is different.  Lisa Boucher, owner of Green-n-Groovy, wanted to a specialty gift store for the discriminating, eco-conscious, and savvy consumer.  She says, “One does not have to sacrifice great style and exquisite taste to go green.”  While all of her items aren’t green, she does select her products from artisans or companies that use highly sustainable and earth-friendly materials.  About half of her products come from Etsy.com artisans.  Since the pressure is on to find great gifts this season, I was inspired by Green-n-Groovy to focus on ten artisans that sell up-cycled or re-purposed products on http://www.etsy.com/.  If you would like to visit Green-n-Groovy online click here http://www.green-n-groovy.com/.  To get ideas for Christmas gifts for yourself or someone special, keep reading.

For the Jewelry Lover

Vintage Enamel Flower Statement Necklace
A Collection of Vintage Jewelry

Romantic Red Rhinestone Steam Punk Ring
A Re-purposed Watch Face

For the Clothes Lover 

Hand Made Manipulated Ruffled White Boho Blouse
Made Using 100% Cotton Bedsheets & Recycled Cotton Fabrics
She She Hoodie
Made With  Re-purposed Fabric

For the Coffee Lover

Gourmet Coffee Sack Ottoman
Upcycled Burlap Sacks Once Used to Transport Green Coffee Beans

Eco Friendly Orange Coffee Cuff
Made From Recycled Dryer Sheets

For Children

Upcycled Hippie T-Shirt Skirt
Made With Gently Used T-Shirts
Vintage Baby Booties
Made Using Vintage Table Linens
For Him

Tan Ultra Suede Blazer With Leather Hood
Upcycled With a Leather Hood and Cuffs
Sweater Scarf
Made With Recycled  Sweaters

My six year old daughter said to me yesterday, "Mom are we poor?"  I said, "No honey, poor is when you don't have what you really need and rich is when you have more than you need."  She said, "Then we are rich."  I told her that I don't think we would fit into that category either.  She responded, "Then we are just right."  Ah, yes we are.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  I am grateful that we want for nothing.  This season, think about purchasing up-cycled or re-purposed gifts.  It's a gift that benefits everyone.  Mother Teresa once said, "I only feel angry when I see waste.  When I see people throwing away things we could use."  If we only get people things they truly need, that would be a step in the right direction.  Let us not be wasteful this Christmas season.  We were created to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  One of the ways we can glorify Him is by taking care of the creation that He has given us.

Living Graciously,