28 September 2010

That's What She Said

My husband, Curtis McGown, is a licenced mental health counselor.  He recently had the privilege of being a guest speaker for a men's conference at our church.  His topic was, "helping men better understand women."  The title of his lecture, "That's What She Said."  Let me just say right now, the women in the church were depending on my husband to deliver GOLD to their husbands.  Once they found out what his topic was going to be, their expectations were high.  I can't tell you how many times over the past few weeks the women would stop me in the hall at church.  They wanted to make sure my husband was diligently preparing his talk.  The women were concerned with the content he would be delivering and wanted to make sure he had his facts straight.  Where is he getting his information they wanted to know.  Has he sat down with me to go over what he's going to talk about, they wondered.  One lady commented to me, "You must be the happiest woman in our church."  To which I replied, "I'd like to think so."  This being a men's conference, the women had to depend on the men to fill them in on what they learned at the conference.  From the feedback that he has gotten this past week and the comments made to me after the conference, I am pretty sure he blew their expectations out of the water.  The men were really impacted by what he had to say.  I am so proud of him.  It is great to see him becoming more of who God has created him to be.  Our church provided the link to his talk so the men could hear it again and the women didn't have to wonder if their men told them everything.  If you would like to listen to it clic here http://www.stpchurch.org/conferences.html and then click on Curtis McGown.  I have to admit, I haven't listened to it yet.  I am afraid I will be too critical of him.  I do want to know what all the fuss is about.  So maybe curiosity will trump my critique.  Comment and let me know if you listened to it.  Tell me what you think.